For the past 3 years, I’ve sung in either USC Concert Choir or USC Chamber Singers, and its been a blast! Although I’m not a great sight reader and I’m terrible at learning difficult rythyms, I do have the dubious talent of being able to sing extremely high. In fact, my only solos for these ensembles have been basically to sustain some note up in the stratosphere. Otherwise, I am another unexceptional choir member in an exceptional group of singers.

My freshman year I got lucky and was able to be a part of a fabulous performance of Bach’s Mass in B Minor, a 3 hour Latin piece with full orchestra which was conducted by this cute old German conductor who knew it by heart. Here’s a video!!!/photo.php?v=595423784044&set=t.10622525&type=3&theater

My sophomore year I got REALLY lucky and was included in a group of singers that sang backup for Jennifer Hudson, recorded a song in the Capitol Records with Ricky Minor, and sang on the Jay Leno show, taking a picture with Emily Blunt! (and I got paid!)

Emily Blunt is the one in the center with the Uggs.

Finally this year is a normal year Concert Choir without any amazing activities except a TON a fun with a really diverse group of people. Here is a picture of the entire choir, some actual singing going on (which always looks awkward in my opinion), my besties on the choir, and our new tradition of Ground Zero milkshakes after our concert (

There are so many opportunities like this at USC, and I was just lucky to find one that was right for me and has such a great group of people! Can’t wait for our Winter Gala in a few weeks!