We all know that Engineering classes aren’t easy (especially when we’re talking about 5-6 at once), but I’d also say that neither are they unreasonably difficult, provided you go to class, do the homework on time, and go to office hours (which I don’t, I’ll admit it). What many of us don’t realize, signing up for the next semester of shortened sleep and threatened GPAs, is that they can actually be pretty FUN!

 These are the professors for my Hardest Class, MECHOPTRONICS (insert man-eating robot!!), which is a combination of mechanics, electronics, and optics. It’s a serial grade-killer, and I’d been warned plenty about this class beforehand. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop me from getting a 50% on my last report (ouch! I know).

On the bright side, though, these 2 professors are among the best that I’ve had here at USC, and despite one of my worst grades in college, I really enjoy the material. I finally (I think) know the difference between Digital and Analog!!! I’m actually really looking forward to this semester, because I’ll be learning the kind of important stuff that a company just assumes you know (for example, how a logic switch works…), and I find circuit systems pretty interesting, much to my own surprise!

Now for my FAVORITE CLASS, Space Environment II! This class is the reason and reassurance for choosing my degree in Astronautical Engineering, as opposed to Aerospace or Mechanical, which are considered more practical choices.

I’ve posted a picture of the book in here, which contains what is probably the most interesting and relevant material I’ve learned so far. The first homework assignment, for example, asked us to design our own mission (mine was about bacteria!).  I can’t wait for the rest of the semester!

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