There is no place to have a fun Halloween like on a college campus, and in the past I have been too lazy/cheap to go all out with the halloween costume stuff. However, this year my roommate and I are going all out as: FRODO AND SAM!

My roommate, Ali, is an international relations major, chinese minor, something else minor… that I’ve lived with all 4 years of college. I’m already getting sad at the prospect of living without her next year, and we’ve bonded by geeking out over stuff like Avatar (which we watched our freshman year), Star Wars/Trek, Game of Thrones, and of course, LOTR. I wanted to do something extra-special this year and team up as a Halloween costume duet! Ironically, my boyfriend will be in town that weekend, but he’ll have to play 3rd wheel to our bromance.

We decided that instead of buying costumes on amazon, we would make them ourselves, like real fans! Therefore this weekend, we took a trip to Mood Fabrics here in LA (which some of you might have seen on Project Runway). There we each bought 4 yards of dark green wool to make Hobbit Cloaks!!! The material was about $80, which may seem kind of expensive, except when you realize how EXTREMELY fashionable and stylish I will be. Therefore, if you happen to see some strolling through campus in a woolen, it’s probably me….or Ali.

So I took about an hour that weekend to make my cloak….

It’s actually easier than you’d think. the cloak itself is just a big semicircle; it’s radius the length from neck to ankle (or neck to shin in our case). The hood is a bit trickier, but not too bad if you follow the pattern. So i just traced it out with a sharpie and measuring tape, cut everything out, and the only sewing I did by hand was joining the hood to the cape! Easy-peasy! (also, my mom offered to hem it when she gets into town Friday for parent’s weekend!)

Apart from being an AWESOME costume, these cloaks will come in handy when we get even MORE nerdy about Lord of the Rings. Ali and I have decided to take a couple of weeks in New Zealand after we graduate, and we’re going for a horseback ride through the LOTR territory!

College is an especially exciting time, as I’m sure you will discover, and I really recommend you take advantage of this exciting time, and make your own opportunities for fun and adventure!!

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