So I’m from Indiana, and while I’m not particularly homesick for that stretch of good American crop, I do sometimes miss my family alot!

Now, you should understand that I am a very independent person, but let’s be real, when you move 2000 miles away from the people you love, you’re going to miss them. There are definitely ways to keep from getting homesick. Personally, I call my family while walking to class, we Skype on the weekends, and have a great time planning debauchery for winter break.

The past few years, I’ve stayed with friends for Thanksgiving (going to Boston with my roomie this year!), and I’ve found that a super fun, typical college experience. Honestly, your roommates and friends really start to feel like family after awhile. However, sometimes I just really need to spend time with my people, and then I’ll carve out a weekend where it won’t disrupt my schoolwork and plan a fun weekend like I had a week ago with my dad and my sis, Megan.

They were only here for a little over 24 hours, but we had such a good time together that it was totally worth it! Let me go through this collage with you!

  • Top Left: Megan and I competed in a Giant Jenga game on 3rd St Promenade at Santa Monica where we also did some great shopping at H&M (Megan) and Steve Madden (me). 
  • Top Middle: I sent them out to do the LA sightseeing while I had my club meetings, and they visited the Chinese Mann Theater and the Scientology Celebrity Centre (Bottom Middle). 
  • Top Right: Dad and I got our feet wet in Santa Monica beach which was freezing as usual. 
  • Bottom Left: We made some classic Schubert faces while hanging out in my tiny apartment. Finally, 
  • Bottom Right: The IN-N-OUT experience for my sissy, which she LOVED.

While one of my favorite things about college is being on my own, handling things for myself, sometimes we all need a little break to be silly, miss our family, and get out on the town! There is time to fit all that in between the crazy, and there’s some great fun to be had!


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  • Prime Left: Megan and I competed in a Large Jenga game on third St Promenade at Santa Monica where we also did some great procuring at H&M (Megan) and Steve Madden (me)…nice articles