This past Wednesday, me and my committee of 5 other women engineers who comprise the Corporate Affairs Committee of the Society of Women Engineers put on the biggest event of the year for our club, Evening with Industry. The event was held at Town and Gown.\

We spent weeks preparing for this event, booking the location, signing contacts, registering 16 companies and over 100 students, putting together a meal plan, printing programs, surveys, and name tags, organizing a raffle, assigning volunteers, and finally buying some flowers at the Downtown Flower Market to make some bouquets for the event.

We used the following flowers to make our own arrangements. It was really fun to get creative and play around with this little task.

The little ball flowers were a special hit!

Last year, I did the event in the Radisson and here’s everyone who helped plan the event with the bouquets we put together last year

The point of this event is to match students up individually, and I know that some students got interviews and jobs from the event!


Even though its a hassle (and super expensive) to try and plan this major events, it’s completely worth it when people tell me about the great contacts they made or the helpful conversations they had. My goal as the VP of Corporate Affairs is to help out our members as much as possible, ensuring that they will have a successful career after they graduate, and I think this event helped!

We are always trying to reach out to a broader range of companies and connect more with our members, though. Currently, I am planning a Luncheon series with 1 of our partner representatives and 8 students where we can fascilitate interaction that can really make a difference when you start to think about life after college.

Please feel free anytime to add your comments/suggestions, as this is a passion of mine, and I am always looking for better ways to help our women engineers get their dream job!