It’s the 3rd week of classes and things are going super smooth! I’m taking 4  engineering classes this semester and a couple of 1 unit courses just for fun. It’s not quite a full load, but I really wanted some time to do all the other things I’m involved in this semester. So, in case you’re interested here is what my last semester at USC will look like.

Monday: Get up to the beautiful California sunshine

…. and then go back to sleep to miss the morning traffic before I leave to ride my horse Fast.

Black Thoroughbred Gelding

I cruise back into campus for the Society of Women Engineers meeting at 6:30 where I have dinner with my friends (aka SWE-FFs) and learn a new networking skill or just have a good time.

If I’m not at a SWE meeting, I’m at a choir rehearsal for some of my friends who are graduate conducting students. Every month, one of them has to put on a recital demonstrating their skills, and some of the best singers I’ve ever heard (including me, haha) get together to make music. I’m singing in a concert in 2 weeks for one in the church on campus (which is mainly used by the music school)

Finally, I come into the last hour of my grad class ASTE 520: Spacecraft System and enjoy the awesome polish accent of my professor and learn about orbital mechanics and satellite design.

Tuesday: Get up super early and thank goodness I slept in my bathing suit cause I am booking it to my 8am swimming class.

Head from there to 9am-12pm Senior Design Project class where I’m paired up with 2 good friends, including Caitlin Sarian, and work on our project of Light-Mills. We are designing, manufacturing, and testing a project that will hopefully indicate some interesting results and win us the SENIOR DESIGN EXPO prize!

Then 12:30-2pm class  discussing our design projects and how to present our ideas clearly and professionally

2-3:30pm class AME 305: Mechanical Design which is pretty fast paced and taught by an excellent teacher, Dr. Safadi. He loves to drop little jokes into his heavily accented engineering monologue. I’m hoping to understand statics/dynamics/etc a little more the 2nd time around, so definitely not missing this class.

4-6pm: Women’s Choir!

Then I’m back to RTH to study!

Wednesday: Sleep in, ride Fast, do homework, and take care of errands for SWE, write blog, grade Mechop papers, etc. NO CLASS!!

Thursday: Basically the same as Tuesday except I have not 12:30 class, so I’ll usually find a friend at RTH to have lunch with and catch up, and then at night I’ll hang with my roomies or go see comedy groups at Ground Zero with a milkshake

Friday: 1pm Honors Lecture Seminar (last week I had lunch with a Quantum Physicist from Caltech and learned some really interesting things). Then I go take a nap cause I love themand convince myself to go to my 5-8pm propulsion class!

Saturday and Sunday: The weekend must be a careful blend of homework, more club errands, riding my horse, and sleep, sleep, sleep!


Granted, while this is a good representation of my baseline schedule, things are always changing with extra meetings/events. Last night I went to take a polo lesson (harder than it looks).

However it works out, I’m looking forward to an awesome semester!