So here’s mine.

I worry alot about my grades, however, when I forced myself to look at finals objectively, I realized that it’s just alot of stress and anticipation over a TEST. Did I need to dedicate 2 weeks of my life to a 2 hour quiz? The honest answer is: in some cases YES, but I will admit that I spent a good portion of time at Holiday parties and watching Burn Notice. BUT, this blog is getting away from me.

I had a great semester, taking fun classes, learning awesome new things, and trying out this crazy new philosophy of “I’ll just do my best and let the grades turn out as they may” which is extremely difficult for me. Meanwhile I was loving my extracurriculars, and therefore throwing in a bit of “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do!” Either way, everything turned out fine, and the semester is just another huge lesson to me to RELAX, enjoy this wonderful time of my life, and focus on some other important things like staying healthy and sleeping well (or napping well in my case).┬áSeriously, I can understand why people say that college is the best time in your life. Everything is fluid and full of possibilities.

I love Winter Break for the time I get to myself to do whatever I feel like without the constant guilt of upcoming homework. I can relax, see my family, and try out some new resolutions!

1. Exercise. My mom and I played tennis everyday in the chilly Virginia weather. She kicked my butt. Bad.

2. Presents! I can spend all the money I saved during the semester by eating in and renting books.

3. Bowling. I’m not super fond of bowling, but it’s a family tradition, and I can occasionally break 100.

4. Getting my nails done! I was growing them out all through finals.


5. and other fun things

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  • Ethan says:

    Hi, Emily. I love your story where you can have fun in any occasion. I agree with you about college is the best time in our life, so don’t waste the moment. I even desire to go back to college again though it is hard to make it true.