This past weekend I was in Salt Lake City for the Society of Women Engineers Regional Conference! We brought 12 current and future leaders of our section.

Because it’s in March, the regional conference is the perfect time to help potential leaders for next year get a bigger picture of what SWE is, learn leadership and management techniques, and align our section’s goals with regional and national objectives.

My biggest meeting for the weekend was the Regional Collegiate Meeting. It started with roll call of every school in the region, and when it was our turn. Me, Kelly, and Emily Sargardia did the Socal Spellout!!

The rest of the meeting discussed the upcoming requirements for sections, such as the next section report, the financial report, and end of the year report. Also, awards were given for sections with the most points and community service. Then we shared some best practices! Our section has alot of corporate sponsors/partners and promoting job opportunities to our members, so I shared our methods with the other sections.

Finally, we broke out into groups. I went with the Presidents group and we discussed transitioning our leadership onto the next generation (so sad, I’ve been on SWE-USC leadership for 4 years)

I took notes the whole time and came back with alot of tips and to-do’s for our section!

That night, there was the SWE banquet, and Caitlin won some sunglasses during the raffle!! (Which she left in the hotel room and now belong to me 😉

That night, we played some games, getting to know everyone we took to Salt Lake. The charades were especially entertaining!


Early the next morning, 5 of us went skiing in Park City! Most of us were not very good, but we started out on the bunny slope and worked our way up. After we cruised easily down the bunny, we went for a green dot slope!! It was significantly harder!!! Natalie fell, and we took this video while waiting for her to be rescued by the nice people.

Skiing video

(sorry I was having some problems embedding videos…)

Skiing in Park City

Skiing in Park City

Skiing was definitely challenging that day because thick snow was falling, and without warning thick fog would suddenly roll in. In the picture below, Ashlyn and I are on the middle of a mountain, but you can’t see anything. We were stuck waiting for it to clear. It was kind of exciting actually, you’re weaving (or hurtling in Caitlin’s case) down this mountain, no idea what’s coming in 100 yards, no idea how far you are above the ground.

Near the end of the day we stopped for some spiced wine, then dragged our freezing/hungry selves back to Salt Lake City for some Mexican food.

All in all, a very fun and memorable weekend. I think there were some awesome potential leaders in that group, and I really enjoyed getting to know some of the younger members of our group. Thankfully for them, next year’s Regional Conference will be in San Diego, a much cheaper trip.

Would you like to go? Freshman can apply to be SWE Ambassadors right away when you get to USC, and we brought 3 freshman ambassadors to conference!!

See you then