This Saturday my mom popped in after a conference and we had a really awesome day together around USC. I though I’d share it with you!

My family is split between Indiana and Virgina, so I don’t get to see them very often. Usually once during the summer and once at Christmas, so I was super excited to see my mom. Even if I had to get up early after the Viterbi Ball. It was definitely worth it!

We left USC around 8:30 to go to breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, our favorite place to get a huge mochaccino and share a quiche and yogurt w/ fruit. My mocha has a suprised looking sun face in it!Mocha Man Face

Then we came back to USC and got on our workout gear, heading out to the tennis courts (along with every other person on campus I might add). We played for about an hour with tennis rackets and balls borrowed from the USC Lyon Center. I did manage to beat her for one match at the end of the hour!

USC Tennis courts

After that, we walked over to 21 choices for some Frozen Yogurt. I got strawberry mango, and mom got chocolate pistachio. Then we walked back to campus and caught the end of the USC/UCLA baseball game for free. 


After that we were a little tired, so we just chilled at my apartment, and I got mom hooked on Veronica Mars. We watched the first 4 episodes, then I sent her home with the season. This is one of my favorite shows. A kick-butt female lead is always a hit with me, though!

best tv show ever

best tv show ever

Then we took showers and got cleaned up and headed out to my favorite sushi place in Hermosa Beach. Oki Doki! We got the dragon roll and TNT roll (which is a must try in my opinion). Apparently mom’s tastes have been stunted from living in the midwest and pseudo-south, because she wasn’t as big of a fan of the sushi as me (and everyone else there). I at the rest of her portion though!

sushi art

sushi art

Finally I had to drop her off at the airport and say goodbye. It wasn’t so bittersweet though, because I’ll see her in a couple of months for graduation!

Dropping my mom at the airport