I can’t believe its already time to write my wrap-up of the Fall 2014 semester! Sophomore year got off to a great start for me.  Here are some of my highlights from the past few months:

1. Finishing My CSCI 201 Final Project – After a couple months of solid work, my group finally demonstrated our finished product on Monday.  It was a lot of long hours and late nights, but it came out great in the end! Learn more about the game we made in my blog post here.

2. Men’s Hockey Game vs. UCLA with the Women’s Team – A bunch of us on the women’s team got together and went to support the men take on the Bruins a couple weeks ago.  We all got pretty into the game, which made the crowd atmosphere really fun!

3. Thanksgiving with Family – All of my siblings came home this Thanksgiving, which is a pretty rare occurrence since a few of them live pretty spread out across the country.  They are all USC alums, so watching the Notre Dame game was extra fun.

4. TV Nights with Betty and Makana – Betty and Makana and I got together a couple weeks ago to watch a couple of our favorite shows, How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal.  We got some ice cream and had a nice girls night.

5. Playing Defense For the First Time – At our last practice of the season, we had an intersquad scrimmage, and I got to play defense for the first time.  I’ve always wanted to play defense, and it was definitely the best game I’ve ever played.

6. Beating Stanford (Again!) – Even though I wasn’t actually at the game this time, nothing feels better than beating a highly ranked Stanford!

7. Meeting Prospective Students at DiscoverUSC – I really enjoyed getting to talk to some of you and answer your questions at DiscoverUSC! Also had a great time with Betty and Kelly in the photo booth.

Betty, Kelly, and I at the Photo Booth at Discover

Betty, Kelly, and I at the Photo Booth at Discover

8. Celebrating Friend’s Birthday at the Grove – My friends and I took our friend Michelle out to dinner at the Grove for her 20th birthday.  We got to surprise her and take some pictures with Christmas decorations afterwards.

Dinner at the Grove

Christmas Decorations at the Grove

9. Exciting Demonstrations in Physics – I got to see lots of cool demonstrations in Electricity and magnetism this semester, including one about what happens to wires when a large amount of current goes through them, and another one about laser beams in Helmholtz coils.

10. Meeting the New Girls on the Hockey Team – Tons of new people joined the hockey team this year, and I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know them both on and off the ice.  Kelly has done a great job as captain of getting out team to bond and get closer.

Well this about wraps up the semester for me.  Have a great break everyone!

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