Hey everyone!

Finals are fast approaching, and before I finish those up and leave USC for the summer, I’m going to recap some of the highlights of this semester.

One of the fun things I got to do this semester was sit on the glass at a Kings-Ducks game.  My whole family went, and I got to see my favorite player up close.


I also spent a lot of time this semester playing hockey.  I finished up my term as president and the team went to Vegas.  The team improved a lot over the weekend, but the team dinner at the end was bittersweet because we had to say goodbye to our captain, Kelly.  I’ll be taking over as captain next year, and luckily she’ll be returning as a coach!

Kelly and me at the team dinner!

Kelly and me at the team dinner!

This also was a very busy semester in terms of classes.  I finished up my capstone design class, where we built a fully functional web application, including a user account and security system, for the image enhancement algorithm of a BME professor here.  It was a challenging class, but it was really great experience working on a large team of engineers and for a stakeholder.

This will help me out a lot this summer, when I’m working for Amazon as a software development engineer.  I’ll be working in Amazon’s Advertising Media Group in Seattle.  I’m really excited to explore a new city – I’m especially looking forward to all the new hikes!

That’s it for me this year – I hope you all have a great summer!

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