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As I get back into the swing of the school year, one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is the awesome events put on by my favorite Viterbi Organization – the USC chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

While ACM is technically the professional society for Computer Science majors, you don’t have to be a CS major to join! The club is open to everyone who has an interest learning about coding, hacking, and technology.

That being said, ACM does offer a lot of events that focus on professional and technical development.  Some of my favorite events that ACM offers are their Networking Night, where they bring in industry professionals to share experiences and advice with ACM members, and their technical workshops, including lessons on the Arduino microprocessor and how to use the command line effectively.

Because the school year just started, ACM has been focused lately on helping underclassmen transition to college and begin thinking about their careers.  For example, the club just hosted a panel with a wide variety of CS students from all different backgrounds to show new students what CS at USC is like.  ACM also provides a mentorship program for upperclassmen to provide advice on classes and internships to underclassmen.  This program is also a great way to make friends – two of my roommates met through the ACM mentorship program!

ACM pals (and roommates) at the Arkansas State game!

ACM pals (and roommates) at the Arkansas State                                                game!

Last but not least, joining ACM gets you some really cool (maybe slightly nerdy) t-shirts.  Check out the one from last year:

Java jokes on the club shirt!

Java jokes on the club shirt!

All in all, ACM is a great way to see what cool things your classmates are working on, make some industry connections, and even make a few friends!

Have a great week, and Beat the Farm!

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