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So a few a blog posts ago, I mentioned a little bit about my big group project for the semester, which is to make a game in teams of 4-6 for CSCI 201: Principles of Software Development.  Now that it’s finally November, my group is finally getting going on putting this project together.

Our project assignment had a few specific requirements including:

  1. Each player has to view a different screen (e.g. no static board games)
  2. Players must be able to chat with each other
  3. Players must be able to choose a character when they log in

There are a couple more specific requirements that pretty much just ensure that we are practicing the concepts we were taught in class, such as multithreading and networking.  Other than that, we can make any sort of game we want!

My team chose to make a simplified version of the mobile game, SpaceTeam.  In this game, players are controlling a spaceship, and each player has a different set of controls.  Each player will also receive instructions, some that correspond to that player’s controls, and some that must be shouted out to teammates.  As the game goes on, the instructions come more frequently and must be executed in less time.  As you can imagine, things get pretty hectic, and it’s super fun!

A screenshot of the SpaceTeam mobile game.

A screenshot of the SpaceTeam mobile game.

The last few weeks, we’ve been focusing on documentation for the project.  This is one of the most important skills that we are learning in this Software Development class: how to plan out a coding project ahead of time with detailed and organized documentation to make the coding easier later on.  The class is one of the first that exposes us to what it’s really like to work on a software project, since we also have to learn how to work on the same project with multiple people.  There’s a lot of coordination and planning that goes along with these kinds of projects, which is important to get done ahead of time to save work later!

I’ll give some more updates as we make more progress!

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