Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your winter break – I certainly did! I had a few weeks at home of relaxing with friends, family, and dogs.  Just after New Year’s, my roommate and I went up to Pasadena to watch USC compete in the Rose Bowl.  For a little backstory, I have been a USC football fan since birth.  All four of my older siblings went to USC too, so you could say it runs in the family.  I have grown up hearing and knowing the significance and tradition that is USC in the Rose Bowl.  So I was so excited when I found out that USC was back in the Rose Bowl after a few years, just in time for my senior season!


It was a great day in Pasadena, with the Rose Parade a few hours earlier, and the place was completely packed.  While USC got off to a good start, things eventually headed south and the team found itself down by two touchdowns going into the fourth quarter.  Luckily, the team remembered to Fight On! They mounted an incredible comeback that ended by winning the game 52-49 on a field goal as time expired.  It was one of the best games in college football I have ever seen, and I was so lucky to be able to go and see it as my last game ever as a USC student.

I’m so glad I’m getting to make memories like this while I wrap up my last year here.  Hopefully future generations of Trojan fans will be able to make many great memories just like this one!

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