Hi everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed (or are still enjoying) the last of your summer vacations.  After wrapping up summer school, I spent some time at home and went to Seattle to visit family.  We went to see a really cool glass exhibit – the colors and sheer number of pieces were amazing!

I’ve just wrapped up week 1 of classes, so for now, I’ll give you all a preview of what my semester will look like and what I’m sure I’ll be blogging about in more detail later on.


  1. CSCI 499 – Concepts of Programming Languages: A tech elective focused on the history, usage, and design of different programming languages.
  2. CHEM 203 – AIDS Drug Discovery and Development: A GE about the treatment and pharmacology behind the AIDS epidemic.
  3. MATH 445 – Math for Physics and Engineers II: Essentially everything a physics undergrad still needs to know about math but hasn’t learned yet (complex analysis and partial differential equations).
  4. PHYS 304 – Mechanics: Upper division classical mechanics for my physics major.


Aside my coursework, I’ll be continuing as a TA for CSCI 103: Introduction to Programming.  This year, I’ll get to take on a little bit more leadership responsibility and help train new TAs.

I also started doing research in a materials science lab that focuses on composites this summer.  My project relates to the electromagnetic imaging of composite airplane parts: working with a sensor to detect various failures like debris or breaks in the part.

An example of composite parts in aircraft manufacturing: a composite fuselage!

An example of composite parts in aircraft manufacturing: a composite fuselage!

Finally, I’m serving as the President of the USC Women’s Ice Hockey team this year! I’ve been hard at work all summer organizing games, ice time, everything that a hockey team needs to play hockey.

I’m really excited for this semester and to tell you all about it as it goes on.  And of course, I can’t wait for football season to start later today!

Beat the Red Wolves!

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