Hi everyone!

This past week was Spring Break, and I really enjoyed the time off before the final push to the end of my last semester at USC.  Fortunately, I didn’t have a lot of work to do, so I was able to get it out of the way on the first weekend of break and enjoy the rest of the time.

One of my sisters was also on break from law school, so she came home to visit.  We went out to Santa Monica to visit our other sister, do some yoga, and hang out by the beach.  It’s always nice having some family time, especially with the ones who live far away!  Later on in the week, we went out to Anza Borrego to see the super bloom.  Anza Borrego is a desert state park, and after the heavier rains we had this year, the wildflower have been blooming a lot.  We drove out there for the day to see the flowers and do some hiking.

Wild flowers in Anza Borrego State Park.

For the last part of break, I took a weekend trip down to San Diego with my roommate.  We explored all the brunch spots, some of the beaches, and went to some of the local landmarks like Potato Chip Rock.  The main purpose of our trip was to go to the San Diego Zoo.  We got to see so many different kinds of animals; it was so exciting – just like when I was a kid!

Some of my favorite animals at the San Diego Zoo – giraffes!

That’s about it for my spring break – I spent the rest of the time resting and recharging for the last few weeks of school.  Time to get back to work and focus for my last round of midterms ever!

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