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This week we’re all talking a little bit about our majors and what they actually are.  Like any engineering major, computer science is mostly about problem solving.  The great thing about computer science is that it almost seamlessly integrates into every other field of engineering.  It’s first and foremost a tool to assist in making systems automated and data sets and problems tractable that would be very hard by hand.

My favorite thing about computer science is that you can almost work in any field you want with a degree in computer science because every field uses computer aids in some way.  CS majors often go on to work for software development companies, business firms, natural science research labs, or even entertainment companies!


An example of entertainment/animation possibilities of computer graphics.

The first few classes in CS focus on developing programming skills and learning how to be able to pick up new languages quickly.  After this introductory sequence, classes start teaching more advanced topics like networking, multithreading, algorithm design and analysis, and artificial intelligence.  Once you have a fundamental skill set, you can work on mostly any problem you find interesting!

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