It is difficult to be productive with online school. You can’t go to a library and surround yourself with studious students, your phone is always right next to your computer, your snack cabinet is within an arm’s reach, you don’t have to have your video camera on for all your classes, you can watch recordings of classes when it’s convenient for you, you feel like you have more time than you actually have… the list goes on.

When we first began online classes back in March, I was studying for the Medical College Admission Test. I had to find ways to be productive because this was the most important test of my life. Here’s some tips for anyone who is hitting midterm season soon and needs a boost of productivity:

  1. Put your phone in another room when you are in class and/or studying. If you are living with others, ask them to hold your phone for you so that you aren’t tempted to retrieve it. Also, you can check your screen time on iPhones: aim for below two hours per day.
  2. Use a daily planner. Every day, write down at least three tasks or assignments that you need to get done by the end of the day. Make sure you check those boxes off before you go to sleep!
  3. Use Google calendar; it’s a lifesaver. Mark all classes, meetings, and events in your calendar. Recognize when you have free time and block off times to do those three tasks that I mentioned in tip #2.
  4. Take two to four 3o-minute breaks throughout the daytime. Try not to go over 30 minutes except for your lunch break, which can be an hour.
  5. Stay ahead! The deadline for an assignment should not be your deadline. Pace yourself so that you can turn in the assignment one or two days before it is due.
Dominie Miyasato

Dominie Miyasato

MAJOR: Biomedical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2021 HOMETOWN: Kahului, Hawaii PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @dominie__ On campus, I am president of the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering and do molecular imaging research in Zavaleta Lab.