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I never thought I’d ever say this, but…..I’m actually glad to be back at school!? As much as I love being home for the holidays and seeing family, I could do without the below 30 degrees Texas winters. But I’m gonna back it up a bit to when I was still in Texas, freezing.

Concert Ready

So my mom is a high school teacher, and as most students know, high school holiday breaks vary from university breaks. So even though I was on break, my mom had another week of classes to go before she was on vacation. And with it being December and nearing the end of college application season, her school was doing a week of college related activities- including a panel of recent graduates from the school.Although I didn’t graduate from the school, my mom asked me to speak on the panel to share my out-of-state college experience, as the rest of the panel attended schools in Texas.

Everyone thought it was so cool that I went to school in Los Angeles, and for some reason, assumed I spent a lot of my time spotting celebrities around the city and laying out on the beach. Unfortunately I had to tell them the truth- I spend most of my time on campus, but I have seen a few celebrities walking down Trousdale. As funny as I thought it was that that’s what they thought going to school in L.A. was like, it got me thinking that in the 5 semesters since I’ve been at USC, I really have not explored Southern California that much. Of course I’ve done the big touristy things, like go to the Griffith Observatory, hike to the Hollywood sign, and visit Venice Beach. But there are so many things I want to do,visit, and see that I have yet to. So I decided to make a list of things and places that I wanted to do, visit, and see before the end of the semester. So far, this is what I have on my list  (but I’m sure it will grow as the semester goes on) :

views from the hollywood sign

  1. Go to a basketball game at the staples center
  2. Visit Disneyland
  3. Go to a concert 
  4. Walk down Rodeo Drive
  5. Visit The Broad
  6. Visit Universal Studios Hollywood
  7. Go to the L.A. Zoo
  8. Visit Griffith Park

4 years goes by sooo fast, and I want to make sure I get ALL of the experiences I can before heading out into the “real world”. We’re only two weeks into the semester and I’ve already knocked out #3 on my list, so I’d say I’m off to a good start!

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