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Compared to some of the other engineering major classes, the civil engineering class of 2019 is relatively small with probably about 25-30 students- which can be a good or bad thing depending on who you ask. I’m one of those people who thinks it’s a good thing. I’ve gotten so used to having classes with the same people that it throws me off whenever I don’t see a usual face in the room, or when I see a face I don’t recognize. Of course this happens every semester as students transfer in and out of the program, but since my first semester after taking the intro to civil engineering course, I think about 15 of us have stayed within the program and have been taking courses together ever since. It’s funny because this year I have the exact same schedule as 6 other people in my graduating class, and I don’t know of anyone in any other major who has a similar experience. Now that I think about it, that’s a LOT of time to be spending with classmates- seeing them everyday in class, working on lab reports outside of class (I’m actually with my lab group now writing this), and even at club meetings. 

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Buuut that just means I get to spend more time with some amazing people! It’s basically forced friendship, but the good kind. Plus I figured if I’m already going to be spending most of my time with these people, I might as well be friends with them too. Having friends in the same major is also nice because you can rant about classes and professors, stress out about midterms, and study all together! Of course it’s not always easy to do that depending on major and class size, but having friends in the same major, taking the same classes, and having people who understand some of the things you’re going through is extremely comforting.

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