Sometimes Family is the Best Medicine

Desiree James Civil and Environmental, Desiree

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I definitely get more homesick with each passing semester. Freshman year I don’t think I ever really got too homesick but as a junior, I probably get homesick at least once a month… As much as I miss my friends and family back home, I don’t regret leaving Texas to come to L.A. at all. I was ready to start a new chapter of my life away from where I grew up, and from the people I grew up with. As I get closer to graduating though, it hits me a little more each year that I’m that much closer to becoming a real adult with a job, bills to pay, and real responsibilities- none of which I’m ready for. Handling being homesick is something it seems every student has to face, and each one deals with it differently.

The Fam!

Having my family and friends come visit is definitely my favorite solution whenever I get homesick. I actually just had a couple friends from home come out to visit for the weekend and although it was short lived, it was definitely a much needed reunion. With that being said, phone calls home and to friends is something I do all the time and is for sure the easiest way to catch up, and makes me feel right at home. My mom definitely receives a lot more calls for me right around midterms and finals when I’m swamped with schoolwork and need a comforting, familiar voice. But I think getting involved with the National Society of Black Engineers has helped me deal with being homesick the most. They’ve honestly become my family away from home and that type of community is definitely needed when you can’t just hop in the car and go home for the weekend. Holidays and breaks are also a good remedy to heal homesickness- I look forward to Thanksgiving and Winter Break knowing I’ll get to go home and spend time family and friends.And when these things aren’t enough, sometimes it’s best to jump on a plane and go home for the weekend and spend some quality time with loved ones!

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