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If someone would have told me, a girl from Fort Worth, Texas where the average temperature is 90 degrees in August, that I would be wearing jackets and layers during the summer, I would have laughed. But here I am in San Francisco wearing a jacket in 50 degree weather, definitely NOT laughing….But other than the unfamiliar cold summer weather, I’m enjoying my time in San Francisco and can now give my input in the forever ongoing NorCal vs. SoCal argument (SoCal all day).

Most of my days have been spent working at a company called The Allen Group, a company I learned about while attending the National Society of Black Engineers’ National Convention in Pittsburgh, PA this past spring. The Allen Group is a project and construction management company based out of San Francisco that represents owners through all phases of a project, from planning through design, construction, commissioning, and closeout. They focus on ensuring that all project participants are meeting the client’s objectives for project scope, cost, schedule, safety and quality while working together to identify and resolve issues as a team. I’m working on a project where the owner and client is the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), and they are demolishing and constructing a new central warehouse at their maintenance center.

Besides working, I’ve made sure to do plenty of the San Francisco touristy things- like go to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and visit Chinatown. I’ve also gone rowing on Silver Lake at Golden Gate Park (or more accurately, sat back while friends did the actual rowing), learned about the immigration station on Angel Island, and went to the first Lake Fest at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

I’ve had a fun summer in San Francisco, but I’m definitely looking forward to heading back to LA and the warm weather!

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