Last One, Best One – Senior Year!

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Yep, 4 weeks in and one test down, it finally feels like school again! And to make matters even better (or worse depending how you look at it,) it’s my last Fall semester as an undergrad at USC! Definitely bitter sweet. It’s strange sitting in the Dining halls (as few seniors even do) seeing freshmen in their first month at college and realizing that was me only 3 short years ago. I guess there’s some truth in what they say, college does go by in the blink of an eye, and before long its over….But let me not go there just yet, I do have another 2 semesters to go before I  graduate after all.

I’m not going to lie though, senioritis has ALREADY creeped up on me, so dealing with that is going to be a challenge this semester. And given my courses for the next two semesters, that’s not good at all… But besides that, I’m excited for another year of Trojan traditions, tailgating, and spending time in the greater Los Angeles area!

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