Semester Recap (Fall 2017)

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I’m in utter disbelief! After having such an action-packed summer, I expected this semester to drag on, but it actually flew by at an alarmingly fast rate. I think this is largely because of all of the really great opportunities I’ve been fortunate to have outside of class. Here are some of them:

1. 1000 Pitches -Today we hit 1000 pitches, successfully reaching our set goal! Getting people to pitch their ideas is an art and it gets more and more fun each year! I’m working on a video for this initiative that I’m eager to share soon. It captures just a small portion of the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that USC has to offer! I wrote a blog on this event a few weeks ago!

2. Project-in-a-Box – We wrapped up our semester with a classroom visit a few weeks ago. We were able to visit 3 elementary schools and participate in a joint-event with the Society of Women Engineers that with the purpose of exposing middle school girls to basic engineering principles. We also volunteered for an event led by Kicks for Kids, a service organization dedicated to providing a healthy and active lifestyle for children with special needs in the greater Los Angeles area. Check out this blog to get a glimpse of the program I lead! 

3. The Internship Search – It’s a relief to be able to say that I know what I’ll be doing this summer! It’s an even more rewarding feeling knowing I’ll be interning for a company I set my sights on almost two years ago. Read this if you want to learn about how I was able to tilt the odds in my favor.

4. Spark XM – We released our first two episodes of the season detailing the journeys of successful entrepreneurs who are currently pursuing their own companies as students at USC. They shared their inspirational stories and we were able to pick their brains about their triumphs and challenges as well as their outlooks on the education system.

5. Freshman Academy Class – This past Monday, we had our last freshman academy class of the year. We went to the Science Center and saw the Endeavor Space Shuttle! Throughout the term, our kids remained eager and motivated! I’m glad I was able to impart some knowledge onto them! I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the semesters to come!

Even though three months passed quickly, I feel satisfied with what I was able to accomplish! I continued to meet new people and develop already existing friendships. I’m really looking forward to winter break – I’ll be visiting my home, Bulgaria! I’m beyond excited to spend the holidays with my family. There is only one obstacle in my way – Finals! It’s time to buckle down and put in the work necessary to do well on these exams…

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