It’s 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning following a grueling week of school and my alarm clock is going off with no remorse for my groggy state of being. As I gain a more clear consciousness, I begin to realize that I wasn’t out of my mind setting that alarm the previous night.

In fact, I have only an hour to prepare everything and make my way to the metro station just south of campus. I grab 10 TAP (Transit Access Passes) cards, fill my backpack with a few bottles of water, apply sunscreen, and pack another bag with snacks from my fridge. I put on my shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, and signature shades and I’m off! Oops, I almost forgot the volleyball!

I won’t be making this journey alone. Along the way, I stop by Tommy Trojan and meet with 9 other ASBME members. We hop on the metro and travel for about 30 minutes until we reach our final destination – Santa Monica Beach.

What ensues is a much needed break from engineering studies! Savoring the feeling of the warm sand on our feet, admiring the crashing of the waves and breathing in the fresh ocean air, we set our towels down and run into the cool, refreshing water!







In Trojan spirit, we take our volleyball to the beach volleyball courts for a rather competitive game! Afterwards, hunger motivates us to go on the pier and stop by Pier Burger for a bite!









In contrast to putting on more professional events such as the Startup Career Fair, serving as ASBME’s Social Chair has allowed me to coordinate social events that foster feelings of friendship and camaraderie amongst BME majors. They provide a getaway from what can be at times an overwhelming world of academics.