Friends from the Early Connect Conference at KBBQ!

Friends from the Early Connect Conference at KBBQ my freshmen year!

Hey everyone! Midterms are over, and Thanksgiving break is just around the corner! As cheesy as it may sound, this truly is a time to reflect and think about what we are thankful for. More than ever before, I have come to truly appreciate the mentoring that I have received throughout my past two years at USC. I was lucky enough to take part in a program hosted by the Center for Engineering Diversity which introduced me to upperclassmen who not only became my mentors but also some of my closest friends.

The week before I started classes at USC as a freshmen student I took part in the Early Connect Conference. This was a five day program for new underrepresented students in engineering to network with new freshmen, upperclassmen, and professors. Through this program I first met some of the student leaders of the SHPE chapter on campus, who quickly helped me get integrated into the organization. Through this “unofficial” mentorship program I was able to receive advice on what classes to take, how to produce an effective resume, even on where I should live for my sophomore year. Were it not for this group of people who generously offered to help me, I don’t know if my first few years at USC would have ran so smoothly.

CED Circles

At L.A. Live with my CED Circles mentees!

For this reason, I decided to sign up to be a mentor for the CED Circles program. This is another program organized by the Center for Engineering Diversity, which matches new incoming freshmen students with upperclassmen for a year-long mentorship program. Through this program I am a mentor to three freshmen, who I absolutely love! So far this semester we have enjoyed milkshakes at Ground Zero and also explored L.A. Live together! I still have many more plans and hope that I can be as great a mentor to them as the amazing Trojans I had as mentors my freshmen year.

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