At a campus like USC, it is hard to pick one favorite location. So I will tell you about my top five favorite places on campus from studying, to eating, to simply hanging out!

  1. Tutor Campus Center

This is one of my favorite study spots on campus! I come here often in between classes to read, study, or finish up class assignments. It’s a perfect place if you want to grab some food at the campus center but also need a quiet space to study.

Tutor Campus Center

2. Center for Engineering Diversity (CED)

CED is one of my favorite spots to go to if I need to study late at night. As a minority student I have access to CED 24/7!! The best part is that I also get free printing which always comes in handy.

3. Lemonade

On the warm, sunny days in Los Angeles, there’s nothing better than some ice cold lemonade from Lemonade!! I love eating here in between classes, they have yummy sides, sandwiches, and of course LEMONADE! I always get their seasonal special since its something new every time.


4. Mudd Hall Philosophy Library 

This place is truly extraordinary, when you walk in you nearly forget that you are in Los Angeles but feel like you are in a romanesque style church in Europe. The Philosophy library, located on the second floor of Mudd Hall, make studying easy with a cool atmosphere that stimulates intellectual thought.

Mudd Hall Philosophy Library

5. McCarthy Quad

If you want to catch some rays, this is the best spot on campus! Bring you blankets, hammocks, and sunglasses cause you are sure to make the most of a sunny California day here. It is a great place to read, hang out, or just people watch! On Wednesdays there is even a farmer’s market with some of the best sorbet you’ll ever have in your life!

McCarthy Quad

These are just five of my favorite places on campus, but there’s so much more!

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