Los Angeles is for (Music) Lovers

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As an engineering student, it may seem difficult to do anything else outside of school and engineering, but this is a myth! As a Viterbi student is it absolutely possible to do more than just the everyday studying and homework assignments! As Concerta resident of Los Angeles, I make sure to take advantage of this every day. There are hundreds of things to do in Los Angeles, from going on hikes to spontaneous beach trips, your options are nearly limitless. But for me my favorite thing to do in Los Angeles is go to live music concerts!  There really is no better experience than listening to your favorite band playing live just a few feet in front of you. I have always been a dedicated music lover, and when I moved to Los Angeles I knew that I was going to have to take advantage of the immense amount of concerts available.

IMG_2981Every week I get a notification on my phone informing me of a new artist that will be playing just a few minutes away from USC, sometimes the concerts are at USC! Since I have lived in Los Angeles I have seen Franz Ferdinand, Cold War Kids, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, and Tokyo Police Club! That doesn’t even include the artists that I have seen perform on campus during our Welcome Back Concert, Conquest, and Spring Fest! Last spring we had 2 Chainz perform and the year before that we had Diplo, it was a crazy fun time and I didn’t even have to leave campus! If you love music as much as I do, you will truly appreciate that wide variety of artists that perform in the greater Los Angeles area. Being an engineering student doesn’t mean all you do is engineering, especially not at USC!




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