What’s life like for a Texan in California? Well, it’s amazing to say the least.

I love Texas, but California, Los Angeles in particular, has stolen my heart. Everything about Los Angeles reminds me of why I decided to go to USC. You cannot beat the atmosphere of one of the largest cities in the nation. It is the perfect place for a nature lover, food lover, music lover, and just about anything else, you can find it in L.A!

(View of Downtown L.A. from the top of the Radisson Hotel)


There is no better pastime than exploring the greater Los Angeles area; you never know what you’ll find. From hiking to the Hollywood sign at Runyon Canyon, to watching Mean Girls in the Rose Garden with Street, Food, Cinema, I have enjoyed every second of living in L.A. I have discovered new foods such as the famous Korean BBQ, Sushiritos (yes, that’s sushi in the form of a burrito), and Umami burgers. Spending Friday nights at a new restaurant in Downtown LA or Santa Monica has become routine amongst my friends and I.

However, my favorite activity to do in Los Angeles, without a doubt, is attending concerts. Back home in Dallas, I made sure to keep an eye out for when my favorite bands would be in town to not miss them and not see them again for another 2 or 3 years. But here in L.A., the problem isn’t missing them, but managing to see all of them! This past semester, I went to three different concerts in one week! I’ve been able to see The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand, Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, Alt-J, and Interpol while here in Los Angeles.  For a music lover like myself, this is a dream come true.

(Franz Ferdinand taking a bow at the end of their concert at the Wiltern)


And of course, we cannot disregard the perfect climate here in SoCal. I surely do not miss the frozen over winters and boiling hot summers in Dallas. It is sunny almost every day of the year here, with an average high at 75° F and low at 57° F. It is always the perfect day to spend at the beach here in L.A.

Moving half way across the country to attend USC was at first the scariest thing I ever had to do, but I can safely say that it was the best choice I ever made! Texas may be where my roots are grounded, but California is where I have been able to spread my wings, I would not change that for anything in the world.



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