Pratt & WhitneyIt might be midterm season, but that just means it’s job hunting season as well. Just this past Wednesday I dusted off my blazer, tweaked my resume, and made my way over to the Fall Viterbi Career Fair. There were almost 200 companies in attendance! From Facebook to NASA, there was a company for everyone. Viterbi has provided me with so many opportunities to prepare myself for a career as and engineer. Viterbi Career Services has helped revise my resume, as well as conducted mock interviews with me. Thanks to these amazing resources, I have had two summer internships, and I’m only a junior!┬áMy freshmen year I acquired an internship through the INROADS program, who’s mission is to “develop and place talented underserved youth in business and industry, and prepare them for corporate and community leadership” Through this program I was hired as a safety engineer intern for UTC Pratt & Whitney in Oklahoma City! In this position I created a database which housed all of the site’s environmental, health and safety documents. I also conducted routine air, water, and energy use impact reports to add to this database. It was an amazing learning experience, and it was the first summer I ever spent away from home!

My research group at on our final presentation day

My research group on our final presentation day

This past summer I was a research intern at the University of California, Berkeley, through a program called ReNUWIt (Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure). I worked alongside a post-doctoral student to help develop a mathematical model to predict the inactivation rate of bacteria in open water unit-process wetlands! This experience gave me an extra push to pursue graduate school, and eventually attain a PhD!

Both of these experiences have helped me grow as a professional and have helped me decide what I want to do after undergrad.






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