Current Students

I am a continuing undergraduate student at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. I am interested in learning more about cool opportunities and hidden easter eggs that can be found at Viterbi. Fight on!

What resources exist to help students?

Viterbi has many resources to help you succeed within engineering and beyond, from one-on-one advising to tutoring and study tools. We’ve linked a few of our favorite resources to check out.

Viterbi Academic Resource Center


Center for Engineering Diversity

Viterbi Handbook

How do I become involved in research?

We recommend reading about different professors’ research online through the Undergraduate Research Matching Opportunities Website. Find a few labs that conduct studies in fields that genuinely intrigue you and send the professor an email or apply online depending on the lab’s protocol. Don’t be afraid to follow up and ask questions about what your role in the lab would be. Check out our email template for inspiration!
Research Spotlight

How do I make the most of Viterbi organizations and opportunities?

Getting involved on campus is easy with engageSC, which features student organizations and events at USC. Also, be sure to check out the plethora of Viterbi Organizations and read USC and Viterbi emails thoroughly for regular updates on campus programming.
Read More About Viterbi Organizations

Through 3D4E, I have been able to learn more about CAD and 3D printing outside of the classroom while working on awesome projects. The club is comprised of many teams who work on projects ranging from building pin ball machine too RC cars. I am part of a team that prints personalized prosthetic hands for patients with hand deformities, which is super fun and rewarding. I have been able to meet so many awesome people who have helped me improve my CAD skills!

Irene LiBiomedical Engineering, 2022

I am a part of the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (ASBME), an organization for anyone interested in the biomedical field. I love ASBME because it hosts all kinds of events ranging from research symposiums and medical device competitions to coorporate networking dinners and community outreach! ASBME has provided me not only with countless academic and professional opportunities, but also with a loving community of peers and friends.

Arjun AronBiomedical Engineering, 2022

I am an avid outdoors person and love everything about exploring our world. This year, I took on the role of Tech Director for SC Outfitters, a student-led organization aimed to get more people outdoors. This has given me a platform to incorporate coding knowledge from courses into the development of our website, online ticketing, and other marketing features. It is very rewarding to apply what I’ve learned to other facets of my undergraduate life.

Anna RogersChemical Engineering, 2022

SC racing is a fun environment where students of all majors can learn what it takes to design, build, and manage a race car. It’s a thrilling to have a hands on experience with a project of this scale. We build the car to compete in national competitions and races, where we test our skill and designs to see if we can be the best. I love this team because it is a great community of people who only want to help each other, and I have made many great friends through it.

Matthew PozziMechanical Engineering, 2023

How can USC Viterbi help me

land an internship or job?

Follow along with the Viterbi Career Center and connectSC to get information on career fairs, workshops, and alumni connections. If continuing education is more appealing to you, the Progressive Degree Program (PDP)  is a great option that allows you to stay at USC and get your Master’s in only one more year after undergraduate study!

How can I study or research abroad?

Different majors within Viterbi have different options when it comes to studying abroad. The USC Office of Overseas Studies’ Engineering Overseas page provides a guide of semester-long programs that are recommended for different engineering majors. 

For a slightly longer abroad experience, check out the Viterbi International Exchange Program which collaborates with universities in Hong Kong and Singapore!

Viterbi’s iPodia: Classrooms without Borders is a project-based class where USC students collaborate with students from universities across India, Germany, South Korea, and Brazil among other countries to pursue targets for global innovation. 

Check out the Viterbi Study Abroad resource for more opportunities as they become available!

There are lots of opportunities to explore the world and build on your professional engineering expertise during the summer!

The Tsinghua Undergraduate Research Program allows undergraduate students to conduct research in Beijing, China while immersing themselves in a city rich with historic culture. 

Additional research abroad experiences focusing on transnational issues such as global climate change, pandemics, and peace-building are also available through USC’s Problems Without Passports program.

For non-research work experiences, USC Global Fellows is a ten-week internship abroad program where USC students are placed in an internship in an industry of their choice in a cosmopolitan Asian city; past locations have included Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong!

School ends in early May, but you can still take classes throughout the month! Many students opt to take a Maymester, a month-long course that often ends with a trip abroad where the concepts of the class can be put into action. 

If you are looking for shorter trips abroad, Alternative Break allows students to participate in service learning trips over winter or spring break! Past trips have included locations in Asia and South America, and issues such as healthcare accessibility, environmental conservation, and social entrepreneurship. 

Also be sure to check out student organizations and design teams such as Engineers without Borders, which are yet another avenue to get involved in service work abroad while growing your engineering skills! 

Shanghai, China with Global Fellows

How can I get involved

outside of  USC Viterbi?

While Viterbi hosts many wonderful student organizations; it’s always good to branch out and meet people outside of the engineering school! Read up on all the Registered Student Organizations to see which fit you and your interests best. We also recommend checking out engageSC for updates on events as well!


Engineering+ can even be a minor or major outside of engineering! Go to academic advising to see how your course plan can fit an additional field of study.

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What are some upper-classmen housing options?

Housing for continuing undergraduates is processed through the application portal, which opens in February for the Fall and Septemeber for the Spring. USC provides guaranteed on-campus housing for all sophomores if they lived in on-campus housing their freshman year.

You are eligible to live in on-campus housing with a provided meal plan if you decide to work as a Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are student workers who reside in freshman or upperclassman USC housing and act as mentors, role models, and resources for the residents in their building. To learn more about what being an RA is like visit ResEd!

When looking for off-campus options, start early! Leases for houses typically begin to be signed in late October or early November, and leases for apartments are typically signed by late December or early January. Always tour locations before signing any leasing agreements. Reach out to upperclassmen you know through student organizations and classes for support – often times they will be looking for younger students to recommend their current housing location to!

There’s something extremely fulfilling about being a Residential Assistant (RA), in helping students find their best path while at USC. As an engineer, the RA position brings a new perspective to leadership and working alongside others for personal growth. The lessons I learned will be easily transferred to my experience later as I prepare to pursue a career in academia, working with students full-time.

Austin KelloggBiomedical Engineering, 2022

How can I connect with the Trojan family?

Graduated Trojans are an incredible resource to learn more about industry, graduate school, and how to make the most of your USC experience. Check out Viterbi Link, an online platform that fosters mentor-mentee relationships between current students and alumni.
Connect with Alumni