Viterbi Voices Content Creation

Interested in writing stories about your life at Viterbi to help guide prospective students?

Who Are Content Creators?

Content Creators contribute to the Viterbi Voices site through original blogs written about their life as an engineering student at USC.

Contribute for an Organization

Organizations can have any number of their members elaborate on their experiences, insight, favorite aspects, and more within the club. This is a great way to showcase organization activities and recruit new members interested and passionate in the same topics.

Contribute as an Individual

Writing as an individual allows Viterbi students to be open about any and all elements of their day-to-day life studying engineering at USC. You will be contributing to Viterbi’s admissions outreach process and publicly credited for the content you write across platforms.

Writer’s block is real.

Here are some resources to get started but these are only meant to act as guidelines: blog format, topic, and all other elements are completely up to YOU.
Also feel free to take a look at these blogs written by current Content Creators and gather some inspiration for your first blog about your unique Viterbi experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment like?

We will work with you each semester to create a timeline that suits your schedule and desired level of contribution. Some Content Creators write blogs consistently over a semester while others choose to write more sparsely or only once.

Do I have to write about engineering?

Not at all! Being a USC engineering student extends beyond an academic setting and can mean a wide range of things to each person. Feel free to write about any topic that you feel is authentic to your university experience.

Do I have to have previous blogging or writing experience?

No prior experience is required, beginner bloggers are welcome! Blogging as a Content Creator is centered on giving prospective students a view into your life as a USC engineering student in whatever way is most authentic to you.

Is being a Content Creator different from being a Viterbi Student Ambassador?

Yes! As a Content Creator you are only responsible for writing blog posts to be shared on the Viterbi Voices website. Being a VSA is a larger time commitment and requires responsibilities outside of blogging. If you are interested in becoming a VSA, learn more here.

Want to Join Us?

No application is required to become a Content Creator! Any Viterbi student is welcome to write blogs about their experiences for the Viterbi Voices website.

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Still Have Some Lingering Questions?

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