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Hey guys! Hope you all had a restful and fun spring break! I know mine was packed full of fun times and amazing memories I can’t wait to share with you all!  This year I, along with some of my friends, went to Mexico for spring break. We opted for Cabo San Lucas and stayed at the ME Cabo, and let me stay it was the coolest placed I have ever been. They designed the hotel to look like Ibiza, so everything is white and you feel like you are in a European country.Most of our time there was spent sleeping in the sun (I one time fell asleep for three hours in a UV index of 10 so yikes sunburn). But, we did do some other cool stuff. We explore the city a lot and one day even got to go on a whale watching tour.

View from the beach

I, along with three of my friends, found out about the whale watching tour while at dinner getting serenaded by two men singing Brown Eyed Girl, and yes I wish I was joking. A man came up to us and offered us a deal on a 2 hour whale watching trip that we just couldn’t pass up so we did it, and let me say it was the coolest thing of my entire life. While we didn’t see a ton of whales because they were just finishing their mating season, we did sea a giant humpback mother and her baby. Seeing them jump through the air was something out of Free Willy. I sat down on the front of the catamaran and felt like I was in a dream. I don’t mean to geek out about whales, but if you ever have a chance to go see some not in a zoo or aquarium I HIGHLY suggest it.


my three favorite people in this planet

After five days in Cabo, I returned home for three days of relaxation before school started up again. It was filled with Disney movies, a trip to the zoo, watching USC basketball both win and lose :(, and lots of sleep. My only wish for spring break was that it could have been longer so I could have slept more, but oh well, there’s always another lifetime for that! Always remember to live it up on spring break, and as always, fight on!
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