Being as midterm season is in full swing and most of the libraries are packed full, I thought I would dedicate this week’s blog to my favorite study spots on campus. Both indoors and outdoors, these spots are places I go to crank out my
math homework or to study for my next Chinese test.


  • Epstein Family Plaza: Called the E-Quad for short, this is probably my go-to place to do work. During the day I can come here to see friends and eat lunch. It’s right in the middle of a lot of engineering buildings, so it’s a perfect place to study in between classes or research.


  • Birnkrant First Floor Lobby: While I no longer live in Birnkrant (sad face), this spot still remains one of the best places to study. Freshman studying in the room will always let you in, and it’s such a collaborative place to go. I can always find people there who are taking my classes. It’s also right next to Trojan Grounds (the on campus 24 hour Starbucks), so it makes those late night study sessions a little more bearable.


  • VKC: This semester I’ve spent a lot of time sitting outside VKC in the central sitting area, and I’ve fallen in love with it. While this wouldn’t necessarily be my go-to spot for midterm or final studying, it’s an awesome place to finish up homework or study for quizzes. It’s got a view of Doheny and the center of campus, and sometimes you can see tours go by. It’s just a fun spot to hang out and take in campus life.



Cool Garden Spot

  • Cool garden spot behind Gerontology Building: This spot doesn’t have a name, but it is my favorite place to go to study for midterms when I wanna be outside. Not many people know about this little nook, and I actually discovered it accidentally when I got lost on my way to class freshman year. It’s kind of in a weird spot on campus, but being secluded and surrounded by cool plants and sculptures makes it a calming place to study. I don’t really know how to describe where it is, but once you find it, you won’t ever want to leave.


  • Doheny Basement: While it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing place to study, this is a perfect place to do homework or hunker down and focus for midterms. Once you sit down in one of these individual seats, you feel like you are in your own world. I once spent six hours sitting there, and I didn’t even notice. I guess time just flies by when you’re having fun (joke).


Well, that’s it for this week. Now off to one of these spots to study for my Math midterm.


As always, fight on!




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