Hey guys! With November already in full swing and the end of the semester staring me down, I would like to dedicate this blog to my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. If you have time I really recommend any and all of this places!

Ebaes: My favorite place to eat to date. It’s less than a mile from campus and it makes the best ramen I have ever had. I highly suggest the tan-tan ramen!
Study Hall: Located super close to Ebaes, Study Hall makes almost any type of food you can imagine. My favorite meal is chicken fingers or the grilled cheese! I am now realizing that I have the food choices of a small child.
Zinc: This one is in LA’s art district. It is in a super up and coming area. The surrounding buildings are adorned with artwork and many Instagram-worthy murals. Zinc is an amazing place for brunch or if you wanna wow out-of-towners with a very LA venue. I highly recommend the burrito bowl!
Ledlow: This one is right in downtown LA so you can get there by walking, metro, or uber! It’s a very chic dining place located near a bunch of shopping places like Target and grocery stores. It’s a perfect place to stop on your morning errands. I can’t even name a single amazing food because everything they make is so good.
Urth Caffe: This one is super close to campus as well. Everything they make is some form of organic/vegan/vegetarian so it really fits all dietary needs. They make amazing smoothies and quesadillas and it’s my go-to late night food for studying! It’s healthy and delicious!
Okay, that’s it for this week guys! I highly suggest trying any one of these places whether you or in LA for a couple days or a student at USC! As always, fight on!


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