Hey guys! It’s crazy to think this is the last week of class for this fall semester. It feels like just yesterday I was starting my freshman year. As this week comes to a close, and study days begin, I wanted to dedicate this blog to some study tips and tricks for finals.

  1. Figure out your hardest final, and start studying now. Everyone has that one class that feels impossible. So, start studying now for that final. It’ll make you more confident come test day, and give you more time to master the skills needed to get the grade you want!
  2. That being said, do study for your other finals. It’s easy to dismiss finals for a class that might not pertain to your major, or otherwise have been an easy class all semester. Don’t do this. These finals can still be tricky, and you should study for them, even if it is only a couple hours.
  3. Take time for breaks, but make the breaks productive. Make sure that you take breaks, and when you are taking breaks make them worthwhile. Grab some food, stretch, walk, shower. Don’t just spend them browsing Facebook.
  4. Find some friends to study with. Nothing is worse than struggling through problems or essays by yourself. Ask friends and classmates to study with you. Chances are someone will understand the other’s questions and therefore everyone benefits.
  5. Remember you are more than finals. Often times during finals time we get bogged down with stress and it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that your education is so much more than individual tests. Remember to not lose sight of your progress during the semester and how much knowledge you really have gained.

Here are some helpful links for finals times.

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Well, that’s my last one for this semester guys! It’s gone by so quickly, but I’m ready for the next one! As always, fight on!


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