Deciding where to live during your freshman year is a pretty tough choice, especially at USC. From on campus to off campus, USC has a lot of options, which makes that decision even harder. For me it came down to living in New North or Birnkrant. Ultimately, I chose to live in Birnkrant and I couldn’t have been happier with that choice.

Birnkrant is home to the merit scholars of USC. While to some that makes Birnkrant sound like the nerd dorm, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Birnkrant is one of the most social dorms on campus, and living there was the most fun experience I’ve had at USC.

I lived on the sixth floor of BK as most people call it. To date, the  people I lived with are still some of my best friends. The people I was surrounded with were some of the most inspirational and motivated people I have ever met. While we all knew school was always our number one focus, we all still knew how to have fun and there was never a weekend that went by without something going on.

My Freshman Dorm

My Freshman Dorm

Even though we didn’t have AC, the living quarters of Birnkrant were actually really nice. Most of the rooms are doubles, but there are some singles and triples. I lived in a double, and absolutely loved it. Another cool thing about Birnkrant is that there are elevators which means no stairs on super hot days and easy move-in.

So, if you are deciding what to put as your number one for housing, my advice? Birnkrant, Birnkrant, Birnkrant. While the AC of parkside or social aspects of New North might seem amazing, Birnkrant gives a home vibe that is so unlike any other dorm on campus. As always, fight on!






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