Coming to college, I was like most freshman students. I had a few nerves here and there, but I was mostly excited to get out of my hometown and find my new adventure. I had this idea in my mind that once I got to college in LA, I would never miss home, and I would have this picture perfect, movie-esque college experience. But alas, this isn’t the Social Network and I have yet to invent Facebook (but keep an eye out for me Mark).


Despite my adamant thought that I would never miss home, the homesickness inevitably came. I found myself weeks into my freshman year missing my family, my dogs, and my friends from high school. Especially coming all the way from Chicago, it was hard to realize that I couldn’t go home for the weekend as easily as a lot of my California friends.


What I’m here to say is that even though this homesickness is inevitable no matter where you go to school, you will find a new “home” at college. Through the organizations I’ve been involved with through Viterbi, I have met so many hardworking and motivated individuals who motivate me just like my parents did (lol I think I just compared my fellow Viterbnerds to my parents). At USC and in Viterbi as well, I have made so many lifelong friends who I couldn’t imagine my life without. (shoutout to you guys, you rock)


So basically, what I’m saying through this #emotional blog is that, regardless of whether you are reading this before you go to college and are worried about homesickness, or you are a junior missing your parents, there is a home wherever you go.Join organizations, put yourself out there, and realize that everyone is in the same boat. You will meet people who make you realize home isn’t a place, but a feeling. Go find your home. As always guys, fight on!



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