Hey guys! I want to keep this week’s blog short, so I’m gonna tell you guys about one of my favorite things I’ve done at USC thus far!

This past month in one of my classes (ITP 320 Enterprise Wide Operations Systems) we have been playing a game. And no, it’s not monopoly or checkers, but rather an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Simulation game. Now, this is all just fancy jargon. Basically, we are running a company on all sides from marketing to resource planning to sales pricing. We are trying to beat 6 other teams to have the highest company evaluation after 12 rounds. We are on round 9 as of today and my team is currently in fourth place!

We are selling Muesli which is basically this German form of oatmeal. The game is really cool because you learn real world skills that a lot of big companies use. We run the game on a platform called SAP. I like to tell people that SAP is just a giant software businesses use to run their processes. I’m only a sophomore and I’m learning SAP, which companies in the Big 4, Apple, and Amazon all use.

German Muesli

The game requires a lot of planning and strategy so my team meets about twice a week for two hours to develop strategies. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like whenever we meet we are in a giant boardroom actually running a real company. It’s a pretty surreal feeling.

So, here’s to hoping that somehow in the next three rounds my team can slide their way into first place. If not, the game has been so much fun I wouldn’t even care! As always guys, fight on!

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  • RicardoV says:

    Well, you’re getting real life experiences. I use ERP here at work in Costa Rica. By the time you read this though, we’re probably using the version you *had* when you first wrote this post. 😉