Hey guys! With midterm season already in full swing, I wanted to create a new study spot blog. Now, I know I’ve already written one about on campus spots, so I wanted to write a blog for those times when you just sort of need to get away from campus. These spots are all over LA in fun neighborhoods with awesome food and things to do.


  • Los Angeles Public Library
    • A beautiful library in downtown Los Angeles. It has a ton of history plus a lot of cool architecture. There are plenty of places to nestle yourself to get work done, and it’s only a quick metro ride or uber away from campus which makes for a quick getaway!
  • Restoration Hardware
    • Now I know this doesn’t sound like a common place to study, but let me assure you it is probably the coolest place on this list. After you walk up three flights of stairs, you are met by an enormous patio with tons of couches, free wifi, and an amazing view of the mountains. Plus it’s right in Melrose so you can eat at a bunch of cool LA restaurants and get some shopping done.
  • Reserve Starbucks
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      Cold Brew Coffee Float from the Starbucks Reserve

      This isn’t your typical Starbucks. One of only 12 locations, this starbucks serves drinks you can’t find anywhere else like coffee floats and some of their special flavors. It’s super chic and most of the time a lot of people aren’t there so it’s super quiet and cozy.

  • Love Coffee Bar
    • This place is sometimes crowded so I wouldn’t necessarily study for a midterm there, but I do  homework there all the time because it has delicious food and coffee. It’s also in Santa Monica so you can take study breaks at the beach which not many other people can do.


Well, that’s it from me this week guys. I hope you take the time to check these out and hopefully ace all your midterms and finals. As always, fight on!


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