Hey guys! Now that SoCal has finally gotten its weather in order, I can finally spend my weekends not in rain gear and/or getting splashed by cars. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy the drought is almost non-existent, but I did miss my 85 degree tanning days. This past weekend when it was finally nice, I got to spend my time at Disneyland! So, I’m dedicating this blog to my time there, and hope it makes all of you go to the happiest place on earth.


Disney is located in Anaheim and thus is only a short 45 minute drive (sometimes even faster) from campus. Not many colleges can say they are so close to such a historic and awesome place, but hey, I guess that’s just one of the other perks of going to ‘SC. After waking up early and grabbing some Starbucks, I began my journey with three of my friends. We were going to meet another friend who works there to get us in for free. I highly recommend befriending disney employees because they can not only get you in for free, but also know a ton of cool facts and secrets about disney. (Did you know the India Jones ride goes under the Pirates of the Carribean one?!?)


After arriving and meeting up with our ~in~ at Disney. It was time to step into a completely different world. It might sound really cheesy, but Disney really is a place that makes you feel like nothing in the world is wrong. Maybe it’s the lack of cell reception or the perfectly groomed princesses, but whenever I got to Disney I feel just insanely happy and stress free.


I’ve only been to Disney a couple of times now, but I already have some favorite rides. My all time favorites is the Pirates of Caribbean one on the Disneyland side. Fun fact: I thought the animatronics were real people the first time I went through. On the California adventure side, I love the cars roller coaster mostly because I feel like I am stepping onto the movie step every time I ride it.


Another side note, if you are an ISE major, going to Disneyland is kind of like placing a kid in a candy store. You stare at the lines or operations going on and just think about how you would fix them. No, you don’t do that? Must only be me…


Well, while I know because of midterms I won’t be heading to Disneyland anytime soon, I hope this blog made you buy a ticket, because I assure you, you won’t regret it.

As always guys, fight on!


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