Last week Viterbi student organizations, societies, students participated in National Engineering Week, more commonly referred to on campus as E-Week. Be sure to check out Yakshita’s (who did an awesome job helping to plan and organize the week’s events) collection of pictures from the week here! After a nice 3 day weekend, Tuesday kicked off E-Week with a Viterbi Carnival in the E-Quad where students orgs hosted different booths, with everything from pie your professor to making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.  On Wednesday, VSC (Viterbi Student Council) invited all engineers to come out and play dodgeball in the E-Quad and on Thursday night, SWE (Society of Women Engineers) hosted a Talent Show and Date Auction where students could buy other students (who had of course volunteered to be auctioned) as their date for Viterbi Ball.

Yes, the ever-anticipated Viterbi Ball: the sold-out concluding event to E-Week, which quickly became a hot topic of conversation within Engineering.  While many of my non-engineering friends struggled to understand all the hype, it was certainly a fun-filled night! Viterbi Ball is essentially a big dance/social event at an off campus venue and you could either go with a date or with a big group of friends!  It was awesome to see a bunch of my friends from my classes, student orgs, VSA, and even freshman from my Academy class in the Fall went!

The night kicked off at dinner at a nearby Mexican-food place at La Barca—popular among many USC students and was perfect for the ten of us that went here.  We then met up with more friends and took lots of pictures despite the fact that the pouring rainstorm outside, and many of us had struggled to stay dry! We went down to Viterbi’s RTH for check-in where nearly 300 of us had gathered before loading the buses and heading off to our mystery venue!

After weeks of wondering where we’d be going, we arrived in Marina Del Ray for the night at an awesome venue that overlooked the marina, had a great DJ for dancing and places to sit and hang out with friends! Evan and Lisa were named Viterbi King and Queen—highly sought after titles that earned them crowns and eternal bragging rights! Guess I should start my campaign now for next year’s Viterbi Queen…

Overall it was an awesome night and so much fun to hang out with my engineering friends outside of engineering and prove that we do have fun and it is possible to both work hard and play hard! Here are a few other pictures from the night!





Claire, Class of 2012