This semester, in addition to going to every home football game here at USC, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to three away games against Cal, Notre Dame and Colorado! This meant three weekends of travelling, flying about 6,000 total miles on Southwest airlines, and lots of time with family friends and football!  Since these three games were all compacted into a four-week stretch with my single “off weekend” being devoted to my parents visiting for Parents Weekend, its been a crazy past month!

So why did I travel to all these far away games?

USC vs. Cal Football Game! Both my parents went to Cal and so growing up I went to all the Cal football game, so going up for the game with my parents made for some good family rivalry. Plus it made for the prefect weekend to go home and spend a day in San Francisco!

USC vs. Notre Dame Football Game! The next weekend I flew out to Chicago where I met both my parents and younger sister, who is currently a freshman at Notre Dame. I got to visit her dorm, meet her friends and see everything that she’s up to at school! To make the game a little more interesting, we made a bet—after a USC victory, it looks like she will be doing all the dishes on Christmas! To stay neutral in our sisterly rivalry, my parents thought it was best to wear their Cal sweatshirts the entire weekend and have a Cal flag at our tailgate.

USC, Cal, and Notre Dame Family Rivalry!

One Weekend home at USC—Parents Weekend! Both my parents came down for Parents weekend this year since it’s my last one, now that I’m a senior. Even though it was my third weekend for a USC football game with them, we still had a great time and they loved visiting campus and seeing many of my friends! Plus, even though USC lost to Stanford, it was one of the craziest high-energy games I’ve been to as a student here, which was a lot of fun!

USC vs. Colorado Football Game! My most recent adventure was out to Boulder, Colorado to watch USC take on CU! My roommate is from Boulder and from a big CU family so as soon as CU was added to the Pac-12 we knew we wanted to travel out for the game! It had snowed right the night before we flew in and it was a chilly 30 degrees at the game but we still had a great time!

Bundled up to Beat the Buffs!

As much as I’ve loved traveling these past few weekends, it will definitely be nice to be in LA this weekend for homecoming as USC plays Washington! Fight On!



Claire, Class of 2012