Thursdays: my one day a week when I don’t have classes.  Yet today seemed to be one of the busiest days, and all of it centered around Viterbi.  I started off my morning by getting ready and heading off to the USC College Career Fair.  Viterbi hosted its own career fair two weeks ago, but one of the BME companies I’m interested in was there so I figured I’d at least stop by and talk to their company reps!

After that I headed over to RTH (aka my second home as it’s the center of all engineering activity!) and bought my ticket for Viterbi Ball!  Basically it’s a semi-formal event with lots of engineers and dancing—a ton of my friends are going so it should be a pretty cool event!  Look out for some pictures in about two weeks!

I then drove down to Anaheim with my good friend Goose (he’s also BME) and we went to the Medical Device Expo at the Convention Center.  There were over 3000 exhibits of medical device companies and products—a bit overwhelming but very cool to check out!

After the expo, we made a quick stop at In n Out (delicious!) and then made our way back through traffic to USC.  As if my day wasn’t Kiuel enough, we got back and went to the ASBME’s (Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering) Corporate Dinner.  Every year ASBME invites representatives from different BME companies like Edwards, Medtronic, St. Judes, Amgen and more! It’s a great way to network and learn more about job and internship opportunities—plus you get a great dinner out of it!

Now that I’m exhausted and should probably heed my mother’s text message to “get sleep” I’m about to head out for a fun night with some of my sorority sisters!



Claire, Class of 2012