So somehow its already more than halfway through February, three weeks away from Spring Break and despite not having had any of my midterms yet, things have sure been busy!  As I mentioned in my blog about my classes, I’m taking 18 units including two graduate engineering classes and have been quite busy keeping up with homework, projects, group meetings, student organizations, attending lots of career and networking events, filling out internship applications, having fun with friends, and taking advantage of everything Los Angeles has to offer!

Last weekend I went to Ryan’s fraternity invite where six of us went out to dinner before heading off on buses to a mystery venue out in Hollywood!  It was a nice way to spend the evening and take a break from classes and homework!

Tke's Invite!

This past week has been busy and is a real test of time management and being organized (thank you to my planner and google calendar!) to make sure I got everything done.  Since I’m staying a fifth year for my Masters I’m currently in the middle of applying for lots of summer internships, most of which were due earlier this week or later this weekend! Mixed in with applications, cover letters, and resume revisions, I had three quizzes, a 14 page paper for my GE, two presentations, Valentines Day, company info sessions, group meetings and more.

My planner where I write everything down and bring with me everywhere!

So what am I looking forward to most this weekend? A quiet couple of days, lots of sleep, and some time to catch up and get ahead!

Eat. Sleep. Engineer. And a lot of other things too!

Next week is E-Week (check out Steve’ blog here!) so there will be lots of fun events for engineers! Should be another fun and busy week, so hopefully I’ll be all caught up and prepared for it all after the long weekend!



Claire, Class of 2012