First blog of the semester! I cannot believe how fast the past two weeks have flown by but it feels so good to be back on campus and I’m so excited for a fresh schedule of classes, spring weather and so much more.

I got back to USC and the chaos I had been craving all break, came flooding back into my days.  I got to move into a new room in my sorority and so my roommate (our new President!) and I spent the first two days moving and organizing all our stuff…and I’ll admit, there’s still a couple things in boxes but hopefully not for much longer!  And while it was great to be back at ADPi, its been weird since a lot of my sorority sisters are studying abroad all across the globe (London, Scotland, Finland, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand just to name a few) and making me miss my summer in Paris last year! Who knows, maybe I’ll try and visit over Spring Break?

Classes are starting to pick up with lots of homework and my weekends have been awesomely busy. I’ve spent the first weekend skiing in Tahoe at Northstar and turned a three day weekend into a five day weekend by flying right into Reno from LAX! This past weekend I attended ELAB, the Engineering Leadership and Business Retreat which was right by Disneyland and a great collaboration between Viterbi School of Engineering and the Marshall School of Business!  To keep the hectic schedule alive, this Saturday I have a five hour data collection for my graduate class which should be an interesting experience, and then VSA retreat Sunday at a mystery location!

I’ve come to realize that I have some awesome but crazy busy weekends planned for this semester–my roommate complains I’m always MIA! Hoping to also make a few other trips to Tahoe again, home to San Francisco, down to San Diego for a couple days with some friends, and some hiking around Los Angeles too with the great weather we’ve had! And always accepting ideas for other cools places I should go of course…let me know!



Claire, Class of 2012