Coming into my last undergraduate semester at USC, I had three classes left to finish my degree in Biomedical-Mechanical engineering.  Having taken a full course load of 18 units every semester, I came back from Winter Break still not knowing what my schedule would look like for the semester.

The three required classes I had left included BME 402 (Control and Communication in the Nervous System), one of my BME technical electives and my Category V GE, so even within my required set of classes, I had a lot of flexibility.   I ended up choosing to take AME 310 Thermodynamics as my technical elective, because I’ve really enjoyed my other mechanical engineering classes and it fit nicely with the rest of my schedule.  While many students finish their GE requirements their freshman sophomore year, I really wanted to take a GE that I found interesting and that fit into my schedule which is why Im taking a GE my second semester senior year.

I also just changed my PDP (Progressive Degree Program) masters program from BME to Engineering Management as the courses I will be taking will help me oin the future with my career aspiration!  Since I had room in my schedule, I’m taking two ISE classes towards my Masters now and will graduate in May 2012 with my BS in Biomedical-Mechanical Engineering, and again in May 2013 with my Masters in Engineering Management.

So here are the classes I’m taking for the semester:

  • BME 402: Control and Communication in the Nervous System–a requirement for all BMEs and looks at the complexities of conductance and communication in the Ner)
  • AME 310: Engineering Thermodynamics–my technical elective all about thermodynamics and how temperature, pressure, and energy interact in different systems
  • ARLT 101: Los Angeles: The City, The Novel, The Movie–my Category V GE that’s all about the history and culture of Los Angeles!
  • ISE 544: Management of Engineering Team—a graduate level ISE class looking at managing engineering teams and projects!
  • ISE 513; Inventory Systems—another graduate level ISE class towards my Masters which looks at  forecasting and controlling inventory and supply chains
  • NAUT 001; Deep-water Cruising aka Sailing! I’m auditing (not taking it for a grade) this class for fun–where else can you take sailing as a class and go to Catalina!

And here’s’ a picture of my schedule for the semester with 18 units—best part?  No Friday class! Having the three-day weekends will give me more time to get my work done on the weekend and I’ve planned a couple fun trips for the semester too!



Claire, Class of 2012