I was involved in a lot of different clubs and activities in high school such as playing volleyball all four years, being an editor for the School Newspaper, Service Club, tutoring and TA’d for a couple of classes too.
So when I came to USC, I knew I wanted to get involved in student organizations, but still wanted to do well in my classes. Between taking all my engineering classes, living in my sorority house, running around RTH (Ronald Tutor Hall aka Viterbi Headquarters) and being a part of a variety of student organizations and clubs, my day to day schedule can often get pretty hectic. In addition to being a Viterbi Student Ambassador, I’m a Freshman Academy Coach, on the E-Board of Engineers Without Borders, work in a Biomechanics Lab, and am a member of and in live in my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi.

One of my Favorite Student Involvements is being a Freshman Academy Coach, which I have done now for two years! Freshman Academy is a class that all freshmen engineers get to take in their first semester here at USC. Its taught by a Viterbi faculty member, and assisted by two “coaches” who are older engineering students in their sophomore, junior, or senior year. As a Coach, I have gotten to know each of my 30 students on a personal level, while helping prepare materials for the class, plan outside events for the class, and mentor students. Whether it be connecting students to academic resources, making sure that students are getting involved in student organizations, or just making sure they’ve made friends on their hall, I really like spending time and getting to know my freshmen.

2011 Freshman Academy Coaches


This year in my Freshman Academy section, we’ve had speakers from the library, lectures on ethics in engineering, and have also done some really cool hands on activities like bridge-building, a paper tower competition, and a helicopter contest.

Be sure to check out some of the fun pictures from our class activities!





Claire, Class of 2012