I can’t believe my junior year is already over!  The last few weeks of school were crazy busy with final projects, final exams, end of the year dinners, and commencement where I was lucky to see many of my senior friends graduate! In the chaos of it all that I also celebrated my 21st birthday, which I spent at Disneyland with my roommate and then going to dinner with a few of my close friends.

After commencement I drove back home to the Bay Area, where I am now and its great to be back for a bit and see my family who I only saw for two days during Spring Break this semester.  I’ll only be home though for two weeks before heading back to Los Angeles! While home, I’m planning to see some of my high school friends, visit my high school (SI in San Francisco) with one of my best friends, go to the Giants vs. A’s baseball game, and just relax.  My younger sister will also be graduating from high school in a couple weeks so I will be home to see her graduate and give her valedictory address!

Back in LA, I will be living with two of my close friends/sorority sisters in an apartment we are subletting for the summer.  One of the girls I am living with loves to bake desserts so it should be a very fun and yummy summer living with her.  I’ll be taking Organic Chemistry this summer, which will count towards my BME degree, and will also be working at the VA through my Biomechanics research lab!

I’m excited to live in LA for the summer and for my senior year to kick off in August! Many of my friends will be back from studying abroad so I’m excited to see them too and hear all about their travels.  I’ll be a Freshman Academy Coach again in the Fall (can’t wait to meet all the new freshmen engineers at the Viterbi Luau!), serving on the EBoard again for Engineers Without Borders, taking another full course load of 18 units, travelling for many of away football games, and living in my sorority house again.  Should be crazy, but I’m excited for it all!

While this is my last blog of the school year, be sure to follow me on twitter where I’ll be tweeting about what I’m up to on a close to daily basis at twitter.com/clairevc511!



Claire, Class of 2012