As I mentioned in my blog about my Hardest and Favorite classes, this semester I’m taking Film Symposium—a fun class that many Seniors choose to take as an elective.  It is truly a class unique to USC, where we get to watch films before they are released to theatres and the professor brings someone from the film industry, who worked on the movie for at Q&A session at the end of class.

Last night we started class with a Disney short film from 1945, “No Sail” starring the iconic Donald Duck and Goofy.  After we watched the short movie, we were surprised and greeted by the man who does the voice of Donald Duck! For everything from Disneyland Parades, toys, and even Hallmark cards! Only at USC would this happen….

And then it was time for the feature film—Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman!  Since it’s more of a big mainstream blockbuster, there was extra security screening when we came to class.  I wont give the plot away but Real Steel looks into the future of robot boxing and the relationship between a father and son as they explore the sport of boxing robots!  It comes out next Friday, October 7th, so go out and see it when it comes to theatres. After the movie we had a Q&A discussion with the director, Shawn Levy, learning about how he launched his career after graduating USC, what it was like to direct this film, and about some of the other movies he directed including Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen and Date Night.


The movie we saw in Film Symposium this week--Real Steel! Coming to theaters next Friday!

Again, only at USC would such an awesome and unique class be hosted by the Cinema School and open to all students!



Claire, Class of 2012